Bank Accounts

High-yield savings accounts offer significantly higher interest rates than regular savings accounts. You can earn much more on your money to grow your savings faster. If you are seeking better financial return on your savings, you should consider opening high-yield savings accounts with reputable banks.

  • KOHO is a full-service app and reloadable prepaid credit card with no hidden fees.
  • KOHO is a free chequing account that acts like a debit card but gives you all the spending power of a credit card without the interest or fees.
  • KOHO is the only account with truly no monthly fees, no interest charges, no e-Transfer fees, and no NSF fees.
  • Get 0.5% cashback on all purchases. Plus, you can earn up to an extra 5% cashback at select merchants.
  • Boost your savings! With your free KOHO account, you can earn 1.2% interest** on both your spending and savings account.
  • Get all the beloved KOHO account features and receive more bang for your buck with Premium! Start getting 2% cashback on groceries, eating & drinking and transportation and 0.5% for all other purchases. No fees on foreign transactions+.
  • Up to $100k of your funds are eligible for CDIC protection. In other words, your money is safe with us.
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