EQ Bank

EQ Bank is a trademark of Equitable Bank, a Canadian bank founded in 1970 with over 900 employees and total assets under management of approximately $33 billion. EQ Bank is focused on providing you a better banking experience – one that makes sense in today’s go-anywhere, do-anything world. That means you have online access to your money 24/7 and a personalized Customer Care Centre. With no branches or costly overhead, EQ Bank is able to offer you great interest rates and no everyday banking fees on the EQ Bank Savings Plus Account.

  • High growth. Guaranteed returns. Lock in 5.35% on a 1-year registered GIC.
  • Free and unlimited Interac e-Transfers®, bill payments, and Electronic Funds Transfers
  • No minimum balance requirements or monthly fees
  • No separate accounts for savings/chequing
  • Free withdrawals from any ATM in Canada
  • Cash back on every purchase
  • CDIC deposit insurance eligibility
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