Prepaid Cards

KOHO offers a spending account with a reloadable prepaid Visa card. A KOHO account is like a chequing account, with the perks of a credit card. Just like a chequing account, you can put money into your KOHO account and then spend that money however you see fit. And like a credit card, you will get cash back and other perks, plus you can use your card anywhere Visa is accepted.

How does it work? It is pretty simple: you add funds to your KOHO account either through e-Transferring from your regular bank account or by having your work’s payroll deposit your paycheque directly (Direct Deposit). Then, you use your KOHO card, either in person or online, to make purchases, just like you would with debit or credit. The card is a prepaid Visa and for merchants your card acts just like a normal credit card transaction.

  • KOHO offers a spending account with a reloadable prepaid Visa card.
  • Once you add funds to your account, you're ready to spend anywhere Visa is accepted and earn cash back on every purchase.
  • With a (free!) KOHO account, you can earn 1.2% interest on both your spending and savings account, plus 0.5% instant cash back. All you have to do is set up direct deposit.
  • No fees, no teaser rates, no BS - just another way to make that money.
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